Scottish Handmade Whisky Cask Heart shaped 2 Glencairn Glass Holder.


Scottish Handmade Whisky Cask Wooden Heart shaped 2 Glencairn Glass Holder.
This unique Scottish whisky cask shaped into a 2 piece heart holds 2 glencairn glasses, it has been made from wood taken from 100 year old malt whisky casks.
Comes complete with 2 Glencairn nosing glasses and can also be used as a tealight holder.
Comes complete with 2 glasses & 2 tealights

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These handmade Whisky Cask products are made by a small family business based in Elgin in the heart of Scottish Malt Whisky Country.

Whisky casks are used for nearly 100 years firstly to store sherry, bourbon and port , and then used to mature each distilleries whisky, this gives each whisky its’ distinctive¬†colour and nose.

The normal life of a cask would end with it becoming firewood, here is where Graeme & Beverley Anderson take over and they loving produce unique and beautiful hand crafted whisky holders , tea lights and food platters. ¬†Every item is produced from a genuine Scottish whisky cask , and you may still catch an aroma of it’s previous liquid treasure.

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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm


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