Highland Cow Pewter Pendant Handcrafted In Scotland.


Handmade in Scotland this beautiful pendant is made from pewter in a classical Highland cow style.

As each pendant is handmade no two are identical.

This pendant hangs from a 18″ sterling silver chain and comes in a blue gift box.

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pewter is an ancient and traditional metal, used in Scotland for centuries.

It was discovered by the Romans around  200 AD and was know as the “Metal of Kings” because it could only be afforded by royalty.

Made in Kilbirnie Ayrshire Pewtermill crafts is a small family run business established in 1960 by David Harkison.

They now produce the finest pewter jewellery and giftware.

Each piece carries the touch mark of the association of British craftsmen and the touch plate of the company of pewters.

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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 3 cm


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