Scone in a dogs pocket.

Well here we are sat in the office as the sun breaks through the flakes of falling snow. We should not really complain it is after all still only early April.
2016 has seen already send orders to 8 different countries as far flung as Oman & New Zealand.
Despite a busy Mothers day & Easter we have not been resting on our laurels, We have just received the latest collection of silver designer jewellery by Scotlands Chris Lewis. Chris has produced some truely beautiful new collections inspired by various elements found around Scotland, pine needles, cairn stones & wild grass are just a few.
chris lewis
 We are also delighted to have added a range of new products from Urban Pirate.
 Independent Scottish t-shirts, inspired by Scottish culture old and new.Their contemporary ranges are designed here in Scotland, and expertly screen-printed by hand onto pure cotton.Unashamedly Scottish and not a hint of tartan tat in sight!
We have also added new gift items inspired by Scottish malt whisky, all unique and handcrafted by our good friends at Cathedral cask.
Fantastic clocks and plaques crafted from 100 year old whisky casks and then inlaid with Harris Tweed, also a new range of whisky tasting platters, still giving off the wonderful aroma of the liquid treasure once held inside each cask. Tweed Tweed

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